With multiple top notch records of collaboration and solo singles in the past few years, Mowille has made a remarkable gradual impact on the music industry especially to his fans.
His style mixes new-influence with aspects from afrobeat, Hip hop, RnB and Alternative. His individual tracks released earlier this year, such as Olo Mi and Se Temi enjoyed massive streaming, air spins from media houses and love from music lovers both home and abroad.
Upon self-realisation how much great music he makes, prompted Mowille to work brilliantly on his new album titled “Moti Thirty” (I am now 30). Critics have it that this album could be prove to be one of the best album this year.
Moti Thirty, a ten track album with real indepth of quality lyric content, smooth delivery and overral production.
Mowille promises us all that Moti Thirty caters for everyone, all ages and music listeners. stay connected with him on his website www.mowille.com