There are many beauty tools and accessories that stand behind the beautiful look of every girl. While there may be some variation depending on how you do your makeup, there are some tried and true must-haves that are helpful to have! Let’s take a look at the greatest beauty tools and accessories that we all can use!
Makeup Brushes: If you have a vision of your future makeup, but you don’t have the tools you need, you will be very disappointed. It is worth the investment to purchase a high-quality set of makeup brushes. A basic makeup brush kit includes a narrow brush for eyeliner, broad brushes for eye shadow and blush and a brush with an angled tip for your lips.

Beauty Sponge: If what you need is a smooth finish and even application of your make up, then the Beauty Sponge also known as the Beauty Blender is just perfect for you. The teardrop shape of the sponge also makes it easy to really get into the nooks and crannies and get uniform coverage. It’s not very commonly used but I recommend them if you have never tried it.
Blow Dryer or Hair Dryer: Whether it’s to dry your wet hair or to set your curls in place, a blow dryer can produce sleek, polished hair styles for almost any hair texture. It is especially great for home use and a quick fix when you need one.
Tweezers: You never know when you need to do a little grooming and plucking on your brows. Tweezers always come in handy to help set your false lashes on your lash line and, of course, keep stray, unwanted hairs away.

Bobby Pins: Bobby pins are a beauty accessory that’s been around for ages and are still very useful to this day. Whether you want to put your updo in place or you’re in a hurry and you really need your hair to look good, this could come in handy. It’s great for both short and long hair too.
Cotton Swabs: The best way to remove makeup from your delicate eye area is with cotton balls soaked in makeup remover. They can also be used to clean up accidents with eye makeup, to apply skin care products you don’t want to contaminate or to clean up nail polish that’s gone astray. I always have cotton swabs and cotton balls in my makeup purse just in case.

Face Wipes: We all know that it is wrong to sleep in your makeup, it is really bad for your skin. But sometimes it is so hard to make yourself do it. With moist face wipes it will be much easier.
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