Chen Emmanuel is a gospel Singer/songwriter and the music director for the GraceBound Crew. The Gracebound crew was envisioned on February 2016 and since then been ministering as a group. The GraceBound Crew is a group of gifted musicians and is not defined by a single genre of music. Each member contributes an amazing style and ingenuity to every song.

The team consists of 14 individuals, 6 vocalists and 8 instrumentalists. The vision of this gospel crew is from Philippians 3:16…”forsaking all for Christ alone”. Inspired majorly by the gospel of Christ, the team has written several songs, 4 of which have been recorded and released.

The November Project is set to be there first album which would surely bless you as you listen.

Download the Album EP by Track:

1. Song of Victory

2. Odogwu N’agha

3. Jesus

4. I trust in You